Our main character, the big cheese, the center point, that of which whom the world revolves around. Alas, he is not a super hero but instead a fast food employee. Phil has your basic setup in life – basic job, an apartment with a roommate, and a girlfriend. He comes from a big family of four older sisters, two brothers-in-law, two nephews, and once niece. Oh, but no car. For better lack of a description, Phil is the straight man of the comic. He knows what’s right and wrong, and is the anchor in keeping everyone on the right path (especially his roommate Doug). Unfortunately, Phil knows this far too well and grows tired of always having to have to be the one to save everyone from their stupidity. Luckily, he’s not on the road to becoming an old bitter man. He’s just that really great guy you like to have as a friend who starts to get sarcastic when upset.


Behold, Phil’s roommate and longtime friend! I’m sure there’s a lot of people who would love to be Doug. All he ever seems to do play video games. Money? Sleep? Food? A job? These things are not needed by Doug! Doug is eternally in the gaming world. Okay, so sometimes that seems to be his downfall. Doug has an extremely overactive imagination, literal far too often, absent minded, overobsessive, eccentric, forgets what’s real and what’s fiction, and … well, just hit the thesaurus and you’ll continue to see what I mean. He’s incredibly lucky to have found the patient and forgiving Phil as a friend. And although he does a ton of foolish things, he mostly comes off as a lovable goofball.


Phil’s Girlfriend
Minor in the major characters, she pops in here and there. She’s mostly that character you know and recognize, but gosh darn it, you can’t remember anything about her. You know, that one girl! It is very unfortunate that she gets so clouded in mystery. Who knows, maybe we’ll find out more about this little friend of Phil’s someday. But until then, she’s doomed to be known as no more then that girl who went out with that one guy. You know who I’m talking about. Yeah, him.


Many people think their bosses are demonic demons, sent from the bowels of hell to torture them all in any way possible, and to bestow misery for no other reason then to be evil. Phil’s boss, Mel, IS such a person. A strange shape-shifting shadow, it’s sometimes questionable if some of the things he says are misunderstood, a bunch of hot air, or real threats to eat your soul on a bun. Despite his evil appearance, cruel sense of humor, and at times down right meanness, Phil tends to get along with him okay. Everything else about him, however, is a mystery.


You know that one new guy at your job who’s a lazy good for nothing slob? That’s Norvell. He steals, is rude, and a pain to be around. He’s the eternal new guy who just doesn’t get it. He’s also the kind of guy who’ll probably still be working at jobs like this until he’s thirty. I hate working with people who are like him. What a jerk.


Although he might have a small similarity between his namesake, this mechanical beast is nothing like our Doug. Mecha-Doug was originally built by Doug’s long time rival, Zoug. But Mecha-Doug seems to be over that, and is now roaming the world on his own agenda. As a powerful, smart, and evil being, he sets off to bring the world into chaos though whatever ways he finds the most amusing. Since most of those ways involve electronics, he always has an eye on Doug.


Everyone has an antagonist. Mario has Wario, and Doug has Zoug. We don’t know a lot about this evil look a like yet, except he created the super powerful robot Mecha-Doug to do his laundry and baking. But what it all boils down to is Zoug being better then Doug at everything.


chicks.gif (15722 bytes) Taco Regular Cuties
Never judge a book by its cover. These three young ladies maybe be cute on the outside, but they’re mean bullies on the inside. They enjoy picking on Phil because he has the wit to see through their pretty exterior into their real characters, which happen to be a popular group follower, the mindless follower, and the tyrannical leader.

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